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Reputable framing services near Sudbury, Suffolk

Expert framing services from a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. To discuss your framing needs, or purchase a gift voucher from ALB-Framing, please contact me today. Based near Sudbury, Suffolk, I serve the surrounding areas, Suffolk and Essex.



When meeting customers to discuss their requirements I'm able to draw on my knowledge and expertise. My ability stems from years of framing whilst working to the Fine Art Trade Guild's standards. To become a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild I, like all members, had to show my work to two establish members of the Guild. We must keep up to date with all technical methods and subsequently have monthly meetings. From traditional to alternative my framing is bespoke and I'm here to help.

My recent work includes:


Conservation Frames

Box Frames





Tray Frames

Double Mountboards

Replacement Glass


Stretched Canvas

Swept Frames


Sports Memorabilia


To discuss your requirements, contact ALB-Framing today.



I have a vast array of mouldings in a range of different shapes. They can be plain wood or coloured such as smooth, grained, distressed and mottled.


Beyond this, I'm able to offer mouldings where the wood came from trees grown in certified forest manages by Forest Stewardship Council.



Window mountboards have a variety of advantages. They create a space between the artwork and the moulding. This space, together with the appropriate colour, will draw the eye to the picture. They also create a gap between the glass and the artwork and subsequently stop any moisture permanently sticking them together.


Pastels, chalk, and pencil work must equally have a gap between it and the glass. No gap will mean that parts of the pigment will transfer to the glass. If a window mountboard isn’t used, a spacer is required.

glass mouldings


Choosing the right glass is an important aspect of designing your frame and I'm here to assist with that. Many of my customers are surprised to learn there are different types of glass, including float, diffused, conservation, anti-reflective and museum glass.


Moving away from glass, polystyrene and acrylic are possible. The plus side is that both are lighter than glass and the shatter-proof is five times stronger than glass. The downside is that they scratch easily and attract dust.


To ensure the glass you choose complements, rather than detracts from your picture, contact ALB-Framing. With my expertise, your picture will hang proudly.

Stretched canvas


Your stretched canvas hung onto the wall would look fantastic. There are important factors of which stretcher bars must be strong enough and if needs be it has crossbars. These will prevent the stretcher bars from bowing.


Please contact ALB-Framing and I'll look forward to helping you design your stretched canvas.

block acrylics


Block mounts have pictures securely stuck to the front. They could be a finished MDF and the size varies allowing them so that they stand on a shelf or if larger on a wall.


Acrylic mounts are different, and the flat picture is stuck behind the acrylic. It's true to say that some pictures shouldn't be used and I'm able to explain, therefore please contact me at ALB-Framing.


From mouldings and glass to window mountboards or closed mounts, I'm here to help. Working near Sudbury, Suffolk, my framing services are trusted in the surrounding areas of Suffolk and Essex. To discuss your requirements, contact ALB-Framing today.

Emily G. (Essex)

"Ally did a great job of framing my oil painting! I would definitely recommend him to anyone."